What is this?

Maybe you didn’t know yet, but everyone loves flags. Including you. We are sure there’s a flag you really love. Maybe your school, your favorite team, or your country’s flag. Flags makes us feel part of something.
Here you will have the chance to vote for the flags you like the most and together we'll find which one has the best design.


Each time you click on a flag it gets +1.
Adding everyone’s votes together we can see which flag is on top. Check out the Leaderboard.
Start voting and be part of the crowdsourcing competition for the best flag design.


All flags come from Wikipedia: Gallery of sovereign state flags


Everything started with this amazing TedTalk by Roman Mars. After watching it we realize how deeply we love flags and our obsession began.
Stop everything you are doing and go and watch it. Now!

Now that you are one of us, a flag nerd, you must continue your path by reading the bible on flag design: Good Flag, Bad Flag by Ted Kaye

Now you are ready. Go back and continue voting.


@tomicrom with the help of @martinalalu and @vladirmarnov


We are not perfect. If you find something wrong, let us know on twitter.
We'd love to here from you!